Hello! I’m Art Levy. I’m a musician, writer, collage-maker, gardener, reader, and radio producer and host at KUTX 98.9 in Austin, Texas. This site is intended as a digital journal and sketchbook, focusing on process over product. I’m especially interested in juxtaposition, the old merging with the new, the texture of sound, and the intelligent chaos of nature. I also like dogs. Contact: artblevy at gmail dot com.

Some recent works:

An apocalyptic beach resort, a DIY recording session, and a pandemic: ‘Making Music At The End Of The World.’

A 50th anniversary celebration of the Armadillo World Headquarters, including a one-hour radio documentary/oral history and an exploration of Freddie King’s impact on Austin music.

How ambient music has been a pandemic balm: ‘The Allure Of Ambient Music In Stressful Times.’

A Willie Nelson deep dive (collaboration with Texas Monthly): ‘For The Love Of Willie.’

The psychedelic spiritualism of Roky Erickson: ‘The Essential Roky Erickson.’